management solutions

We help our clients with their business strategy, operations, metrics, performance management and processes, in order to manage the challenges and achieve significant improvements on their business performance.

MPK Business Group
We assess the business model and current practices to develop the best strategy for management transformation.
We understand the business in a comprehensive manner taking into account its structure, task force, operations and identify the emerging technologies required to design customized solutions and achieve organizational goals.
We seek the maximum possible efficiency on company capital, resources, costs and expenses management.
We assist our clients to identify and implement the latest technologies to improve their way of working by automating daily tasks that company employees usually develop by themselves. To identify automation opportunities that add business value: 1) We raise processes 2) We analyze feasibility and impact 3) We develop automations 4) We develop Pilots 5) We deliver the Business Case
We analyze the current organizational functioning to select and redesign key processes that generate impact. We evaluate information systems, structures, teams working methods, communication channels between teams, with customers and suppliers, to increase processes efficiency and achieve significant improvements in organizational performance.
We accompany our clients on the identification of the necessary technologies, talents and cultural changes to capture the value of digital tools: 1. How to set up the company for a digital transformation? 2. Which cultural changes should be addressed? 3. How to prepare the task force and who will lead the project? 4. What type of talent and digital skills will be required? 5. Where should I start the digital transformation?

We transform data into information and information into knowledge to optimize the business decision making. We make sense of the data based on the objectives of an organization.

MPK Business Group
We identify data from various sources and analyze them to create management indicators and develop solutions that generate value to the organization. We are specialists in: • Finance Analytics • Customer Analytics • Operation Analytics • People Analytics We seek to integrate easy-to-use tools that allow users of all levels to manage data and make discoveries. We work together with the client to generate important data ecosystems and help them create cultures of curiosity.
We evaluate structured, unstructured, internal and external data to the organization, to elaborate or optimize the financial data governance strategy. We identify and weigh the best technologies applicable to finance and align them with the organizational strategy.
We lead the strategic planning process to define the company's objectives and the necessary road map to achieve them. We develop operational models to optimize management response capabilities. We design budgets that help to better invest resources and control expenses to support the company´s growth.
We prepare management reports that allow the company to link its operational activity with its organizational strategy and thus make more effective decisions. We identify the key data, analyze the quality of the data and transform it into relevant, complete and timely information. The objective is to increase the agility and quality of the decision making.
Feasibility Analysis WE TURN IDEAS INTO PROFITABLE BUSINESSES. We listen, provide knowledge and carry out the analysis to determine the viability of a business or project and develop the necessary strategy to be successful: • We set goals, roadmaps and schedules • We analyze the target market • We elaborate the necessary structure • We diagram the required work team • We plan and project the growth • We evaluate financing alternatives • We make the Business Case

MPK Business Group